Saturday, July 22, 2006

saturday, the 22nd of July

This is Jolanda, and today is my turn to write. I am already here for about 8 weeks, and stay here till september. And this 10 days I'm part of the team. And I want to introduce two of the young people from the mission. This are Paco(at the left) and Jorge. They are two of the few young people in the mission and really enthusiastic and encouraging! Last week i went with them for a walk we went to Cerro de la Cruz, this is a huge cross on a hill. Up there we saw lots of scary/interesting animals:

The beatles are really big, never seen beatles that big! They are pretty scary!
This picture is taken from the roof of Richard and Angie's house, the hill right in front is the Cerro de la Cruz. There was a big storm coming. Posted by Picasa


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