Monday, July 24, 2006


  • Hi everyone, this is Kristen. I want to tell you a bit about our first Sunday in Tepic. The day started with breakfast at the mission and then a Bible study with the team. After the Bible study we headed downstairs for the church service. It's scheduled to start at 11am but in keeping with Mexican timing, it started quite a bit later. Richard led the service and I accompanied the singing on the piano. Following the service the team performed our songs that we sing at the nightly programs. The acoustics were wonderful in the mission and it made us sound almost professional :) Everyone lingered over coffee and juice after the service and we were able to meet and chat with the congregation. We went back to Rich and Angie's for lunch (tacos provided by the young peoples of the church). We had a nice Bible study with the young peoples and then headed out to hand out more tracts. It was a wonderful day for everyone. Below are some pictures taken inside the mission. Josh is a budding pianist and his cousin Andrew is a great teacher :) Jorge has been taking lessons with Mrs. Bout and played some hymns for us. Marisol wanted to learn too (next pic). While the younger children had fun blowing bubbles.

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Blogger sharon said...

Hi all! We are eagerly looking at the blog several times a day to keep up with all your activities. We are thankful to hear that things are going well and both Wilf and I would love to be there with you all. It looks very familiar somehow :). We missed you last night, Kristen, but Maria did a fairly good job taking your place :). We had a great turn out last night and Wilf's message seemed really well received. He is off visiting Sergio again-with one of the other guys from Willowbrock (I'm not sure who reads these comments, but some of you there will understand!) Gotta run becuase the baby is hungry. You are often in our thoughts and prayers.

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Blogger Manda said...

wow awsome pictures
i wish i could go to mexico it must be an amazing experience

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Blogger Melissa said...

Me too...

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