Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Martin and Marta's home

After the program on Tuesday everyone went to Martin and Marta's house for gorditas. Gorditas are little fried corn cakes that you eat with salsa. Marta was gracious and offered to teach us how to make them. It's harder than it looks.

What a blessing it was to fellowship with everyone in their home. Each person on the team loves getting to know the young people from the mission and friendships were formed quickly. We hope to encourage the young people here in Mexico and we are encouraged at the same time. We just had another call here at Bout's house concerning the tracts we've been handing out. The person on the phone asked about the time of the service on Sunday, if families are allowed coming, and if it costs anything to come. Mrs. Bout made sure she knew it was all free and everyone is welcome. It's wonderful to hear that people are interested in the mission and want to know more about it. Posted by Picasa


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